HOTSPROTSTAKES staff poll: Ranking the logos of the new Liga Argentina de Béisbol


Argentina has a professional baseball league! Or as it’s called in Argentina, béisbol.

Anyway, the new league, Liga Argentina de Béisbol, released its logos for the six teams that will inhabit this league, and since it’s Tuesday and there is nothing else going on in the sports world, we decided we would go ahead and rank the logos, so you’ll know who looks the best when they take the field…whenever the season starts.

Before we start, I would like to clarify that almost all of the logos on this list are really cartoony, and look more like logos that you would see in a baseball movie in a foreign country that used stock logos. Still, there were a couple that stood out.

To decide our rankings we had five members of the HOTSPROTSTAKES crew rank the logos from 1 to 6. One being the best, six being the worst, so if you scored a total score of 4, that means everyone gave the logo a 1 as the best one in the league, and vice versa.

Without further ado, here is our list:

6. Pumas (total points: 19)

Highest rank: 3rd. Lowest rank: 6th (twice).


A really cartoony logo, complete with a weird shrinking, waving font, and a strange looking orange puma that is rocking a backwards hat. I don’t know what else to say about this, otehr than it really looks like they took a cartoon puma, cut it out of the cartoon, stuck the word “Pumas” under it and called it a day.

5. (Tie) Pampas and Condores (total points: 17)

Pampas Highest: 2nd. Pampas Lowest: 5th (three times)

Condores Highest: 4th (three times). Condores Lowest: 5thCondores Pampas

Both are pretty unremarkable, and again, they suffer from looking like Cartoon drawings of an animal, rather than a logo for a baseball team. I give the slight edge to Pampas, because it has a slightly better color scheme and the and logo has some more detail in it that the Condores one.

3. Falcons (total points: 16)

Highest rank: 2nd (twice). Lowest rank: 6th (twice)


This was the only logo our voters were divided on, with everybody thinking it was either very clean and one of the top logos in the league, or really lame and coming in dead-last. I was in the camp that it is a very clean logo, and it also helps that it looks like an actual Falcon, and not some weird cartoon bird like every other logo. The orange, grey, black, and white colors are also nice.

2. Águilas (total points: 9)

Highest rank: 1st. Lowest rank: 4th


A cartoon bird that is done mostly right. He has a fierce look on his face, is holding a bat getting ready to hit, and also blends in nicely with the Águilas word mark/ring behind him. Blue and red is a classic color combo, so that works as well.  if the hat is red, like the bird is wearing, this could look really sharp on the field.

1. Infernales (total points: 6)

Highest rank: 1st (three times. Lowest rank: 3rd


The runaway winner of our vote saw 3 of 4 from the HOTSPROTSTAKES staff give this logo the top billing. It’s the only logo that isn’t some sort of cartoon animal, and the swords behind the head are a nice touch. Plus it has a nice color scheme, using what appears to be maroon, an under utilized color, in my opinion.

So that’s our list. Again, not the greatest logos we’ve ever seen, but it’s Argentinian baseball.

Just for fun, here is how our staff voted:

@CallMeBednard: Infernales, Aguilas, Pumas, Condors, Pampas, Falcons

@TheRyanWalsh: Infernales, Pampas, Aguilas, Pumas, Condores, Falcons

@AVKingJames: Aguilas, Falcons, Infernales, Condores, Pampas, Pumas

@Rovitz: Infernales, Aguilas, Falcons, Condores, Pampas, Pumas

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