HOTSPROTSTAKES Staff Poll: Ranking the trade deadlines


The Major League Baseball trade deadline is today, and for the past few weeks, rumors of big names being traded have run rampant.

Will Justin Verlander or Yu Darvish get traded? How much are the Yankees willing to spend to try to improve? Same goes for the Dodgers.

Needless to say, there is a lot of intrigue surrounding this year’s deadline. But what trade deadline is the best? Which one has the best combination of gossip, actual trades, people losing their minds over it, and teams on both sides of the deals actually improving?

We at voted to determine that.

To decide our rankings we had the members of the HOTSPROTSTAKES crew rank the deadlines from 1 to 4. One being the best, six being the worst, so if you scored a total score of 4, that means everyone gave that deadline a 1 as the best one, and vice versa.

Without further ado, here is our list:

5. NFL Trade Deadline

Was voted last on every ballot.


Honestly,  you could tell fans there isn’t even an NFL trade deadline and people would probably believe you. The NFL’s trade deadline is way too early, making it tough for teams to assess their needs for a playoff stretch or to try to snag draft picks from other teams. Add in a really tough salary cap, especially for star players you might move, and almost no trades ever happen. Really bad.

Here is the entire list of trades at the 2016 deadline: Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade cornerback Johnthan Banks to Detroit Lions for a conditional 2018 seventh-round pick.


4. Literally Anything That Involves Trades

Pokemon cards at recess? Pogs? Baseball cards. Literally anything that involves the swapping of goods and has a set time limit or date where those exchanges can no longer happen is better than the NFL trade deadline. Moving on.

3. NHL Trade Deadline

Was voted third on every ballot.

National Hockey League

The NHL trade deadline seems like it could be a good deadline,  but more often than not, a whole bunch of nothing happens, at least in terms of big stars, and we’re left looking at a dozen or so deals involving depth guys and veteran players going to Stanley Cup contenders for mid-round picks. The monster trades are few and far between now because of the salary cap, but when they do happen it sets hockey twitter on fire. The NHL is also one of the two leagues where prospects get traded and add future intrigue to a deal.

2. NBA Trade Deadline

Highest Vote: First. Lowest Vote: 2nd (three times)

National Basketball Association

If this voting took into account only the rumors, gossip, and mayhem surrounding that, the NBA would win in a landslide. Every big name on a losing team gets mentioned, and every post on Twitter gets analyzed like it will unlock the truth to where Player X is going to end up. Unfortunately, often times that turns out be all that happens, because like the other leagues, a salary cap makes it tough. The best NBA trades happen during the off-season, as we’ve seen this year.

1. MLB Trade Deadline

Highest vote: First (three times). Lowest vote: Second

Major League Baseball

The best combination of gossip and actual trades. Every year we hear big names are on the block due to them being on a bad team, and it seems like every year one or two of those players gets shipped out. And like the NBA, there is non-stop gossip leading up to those deals. As our @willforthrill pointed out, MLB has the added bonus of having prospects involved, so while one team may win in the short-term, your team could land a bunch of prospects that makes them great in years to come.

And that’s our list.

Just for fun, here is how we voted:

@Rovitz: MLB, NBA, NHL, Pokemon Cards at Recess, NFL

@AVKingJames: NBA, MLB, Pokemon at Recess, NHL, NFL

@CallMeBednard: MLB, Pokemon, NBA, NHL, NFL

@Willforthrill: MLB, Pokemon, NBA, NHL, NFL



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