The two best episodes in Friends history


Friends is a good TV show. Let’s get that out of the way first.

Is it the best show of all-time? No, but is it a harmless show that you can watch multiple times, not get tired of, and still have a few laughs? Yes it is. And with it being on Netflix you can binge watch it to your heart’s content whenever you have free time.

Well, with my girlfriend working weekends and nights, I usually have some time to squeeze in a few episodes on what is probably at least my fourth watch-thru of the show. And over the show’s 10 seasons and 236 episodes there are two that stand out in my mind as better than the rest.

Why two? I don’t know, because those were the only ones that immediately came to mind as being the best of the best. If you want more, start your own damn website.

Anyways, I watched one of those two episodes last night so we’ll start with that one, and I’ll explain why I think these two are the best in the show’s history.

The One with the Prom Video

Season 2, Episode 14

This has so many things going on it that are amazing. Ross and Rachel are, shockingly, on the rocks still after his list of reasons not to date her. This episode is also where Joey starts having money after his Days of Our Lives option is picked up, and he gets Chandler a really tacky gold bracelet that I would totally wear.

But what makes this one so good is the prom video. Any episode of Friends that features throwbacks to when the group was younger always gets bonus points because of how funny they all look 10 years ago.

And the zingers once the video starts are amazing. “Oh I was wrong, that’s what they cover Connecticut with.”

“Some girl at Monica!”

“Ah, so how cameras are actually on you?”

And then there’s goofy 1980s Ross with his bad mustache and really curly hair.

Anyway, the video plays and Rachel finds out that Ross dressed up to try to take her to prom after it looked like her date had bailed, only to find out that he showed up while Ross was getting ready, leaving him feeling devastated at the top of the stairs.

Rachel is wooed by this show of affection 10 years after the fact, and walks over to kiss Ross after the video and they’re back together.

The emotional swings in this one is really what brings it all in, the laughs from the bracelet and jokes at the prom video, to the happiness you get when you see Ross and Rachel kiss. Really a roller coaster of emotions from start to finish.

Fantastic episode, I give it an A.

The One with the Embryos

Season 4, Episode 12

The title of this one comes from the storyline of Phoebe agreeing to be the surrogate for her brother’s babies, but the greatness in this one comes from the ongoing feud between Joey and Chandler claiming they know Monica and Rachel better than they do them.

It starts small with the boys naming five items in a shopping bag of Rachel’s and turns into a full-blown game show/contest, with the stakes being that if the boys win, they get the girl’s apartment, but if the girls win, they force the boys to get rid of their pet duck and chicken.

And you also really start to see how awful Ross is, who think’s he’s actually hosting a game show, even at the bag portion of this episode.

But what makes this one so great are the questions, answers, and responses to the end of the contest. Monica being Big Fat Goalie. Chandler’s dad running Viva Las Gay-gas, and then the boys riding in on that horrible white dog statue.

Honestly, this episode could have been about anything else with Phoebe and it would still be a classic just for that game show scene alone. Easily one of the greatest, funniest scenes in TV history.

Another episode that is fantastic, and I think, just a little better than the Prom Tape one. A+.

So there you go, those are the two greatest episodes in Friends history. Agree? Disagree? Think there are some I missed? Let us know!

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