HOTSPROTSTAKES staff poll: Ranking the Federal Hockey League logos

FHL Logos

In our continuing coverage of the Federal Hockey League, we’re diving into one of our favorite activities and ranking the team logos of the FHL!

The rules for this are simple, we asked our panel of six voters to rank the teams from 1 to 6, a vote of 1 means they thought it was the league’s best logo, while a vote of 6 means they thought it was the worst. Lowest score wins, so if a team scored a 6 total, they got all the first-place votes.

I have to say, the league has some surprisingly good logos, and the voting for this one was our tightest one yet, with every logo receiving at least one second-place vote or higher, and every logo receiving at least one fifth-place vote or lower.

Without keeping you waiting any longer, here are our rankings:

6. North Shore Knights* (Total points: 26)

Highest rank: 2nd. Lowest rank: 5th (three times)


The asterisk that comes with this one is we rated this one with the team’s old/new logo from the league site that was basically a carbon copy of its logo when they were the Saints. Here is that old logo:

North Shore

So the new one, which is from the team website, is definitely an upgrade, but still nothing remarkable. I think that keeps it in the sixth spot. And if that’s the worst logo we’re dealing with, we’re off to a really good start.

5. Port Huron Prowlers (Total points: 25)

Highest rank: 2nd. Lowest rank: 6th


This might be the most creative logo in the league, attempting to turn the PROWLERS wordmark into the teeth of the animal. Not bad, but it just looks like it has a huge mouth full of large teeth. The voting for this one was mostly middle-of-the-road, grabbing three fourth-place votes that cancel out the sixth and second it received. It’s a pretty good color scheme too. Again, for being near the bottom of our rankings, this is a pretty decent logo.

4. Cornwall Nationals (Total points: 24)

Highest rank: 2nd (twice). Lowest rank: 6th (twice)


This is probably the most classic looking logo in the league, and the most straight-forward. It’s nothing fancy with the Block N, but it has some nice beveling and good colors in red, black, and gold. The flying red maple leaf is also a nice touch that lets the fan or opponent know that this is a Canadian team. Doesn’t take a lot of risks, but there’s nothing wrong with a simple, classic look. Voters were split on this logo, with three for it in the Top-3, and three putting it in the Bottom-2.

3. Watertown Wolves (Total points: 20)

Highest rank: 2nd (twice). Lowest rank: 6th


Honestly, that’s a pretty good wolf logo. The straight-on, intense look is much better than a side profile look, and it also has good, classic colors to it. Might remind some of the Minnesota Timberwolves logo, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This was in the running for a Top-2 spot through five voters, with none ranking it lower than fourth, but the final vote for 6th sunk its chances at that. Again, very nicely done, and has good detail in the wolf.

2. Carolina Thunderbirds (Total points: 17)

Highest rank: 1st (twice). Lowest rank: 6th


The league’s newest team debuts with a fantastic logo. Great symmetry throughout the bird and a classic color scheme really makes this one pop. It’s a strong wordmark too, even with it being in all caps. This is a really good blend of having a detailed and sharp logo, without being too over-the-top. This was right there for the top-spot until it received a last-place vote. Five of our six voters rated it third or higher.

1. Danville Dashers (Total points: 14)

Highest rank: 1st (four times). Lowest rank: 6th


Our voters either loved this logo, or hated it. A whopping four voters gave it their first-place nod, a nod to how great that deer logo is. It’s fairly simple, but has enough detail to look intense, particularly the eye of it. The remaining two voters, myself included, didn’t feel like it came off as a hockey logo, which dropped it down our rankings. But it does, again, have nice colors with that black, orange, and gray combo.

So the voters have spoken, your thoughts on our rankings, and what is your favorite FHL logo?

Just for fun, here is how everyone voted:

@Rovitz – Carolina, Cornwall, Watertown, Port Huron, North Shore, Danville

@AVKingJames – Danville, North Shore, Carolina, Watertown, Port Huron, Cornwall

@KedgeOnline – Danville, Watertown, Carolina, Port Huron, North Shore, Cornwall

@CallMeBednard – Carolina, Watertown, Cornwall, Danville, North Shore, Port Huron

@ChaseRuttig – Danville, Cornwall, Watertown, Port Huron, North Shore, Carolina

@BrianoMobile – Danville, Port Huron, Carolina, North Shore, Cornwall, Watertown

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