Welcome to this, out first bracket update of the tournament!

It’s been a fantastic week one in the Ultimate Soccer Logo Elimination Bracket Challenge of Doom and we’d like to thank you, the voters, for following along as we continue on this journey.

Voting has closed on Groups A-H, and we’re ready to announce who won and who has been eliminated. Without further ado: the winners! (This is a slideshow reveal, so be prepared to pause for details.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a visual graphic of the advancing squads:

Group A-H Winners

You may notice several undecided games in the groups. Those teams will now go through a separate tiebreak vote in order to advance.

As for the remaining groups, we’ll revert to two groups of eight per day until the end of the week, when the entire bracket should be revealed. At the conclusion of the group reveals, the play-in games (aka The Last Four In) will be revealed.

Look out for our latest post on Monday and happy voting!

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