HOTSPROTSTAKES Debate: Bigger waste of $100, Mayweather-McGregor fight, or Clay Travis VIP site?

You work hard for your money. Or maybe you don’t. But either way, when you buy something you expect to get good value for it. Well, today we’re here to debate two of the most awful things out there, and both are available for purchase this week, costing about $100.


The Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight is Saturday night, and to get that baby in HD it will set you back to the tune of $99.95. That would have been the worst way to spend your money until Clay Travis announced today (Monday) that he is launching Outkick the Coverage VIP access for $99 a year. I’d link to the tweet and the post announcing it, but I’m not giving him even one extra page view.

The boxing match is going to be a circus, and is probably rigged, so you’re probably not getting $100 worth of entertainment out of that. But at least there are three other fights on the undercard that COULD entertain, as well as four super early fights on FOX.

But what do you get with Clay’s “VIP” deal? A “free” t-shirt that you need to enter a promo code for, early access to his college football betting picks…which will then be free three days later, guest “expert” betting advice from a friend of his in Vegas, invites to Clay Travis gatherings in a city near you (and maybe one in Vegas), and your own profile on his new hidden VIP site complete with message boards.

So to recap, for $100 you get four boxing matches on PPV, none of which are guaranteed to be good, or you get a t-shirt, betting advice that will be free in a couple of days, and invites to parties where you will have to give Clay Travis more money.

But which one is the bigger waste of $100, and the one that you should avoid at all costs? Let’s debate!

@Rovitz: Clay Travis VIP Package

At least with the boxing there’s a chance you COULD see something crazy. A massive knockout, one of them get mad an turn it into a wrestling match. One of the two idiots continue to yell racial slurs. SOMETHING that makes you glad that you spent money on it to see. With Clay’s “deal” uhh…you get a shirt, betting advice that will be free in a couple days, invites to a party where you’ll spend more money, and a message board. That’s stuff that’s all free at literally every other site in the world.

@AVKingJames: Clay Travis VIP Package

At least there’s the promise of entertainment in Mayweather-MacGregor. You only get terrible bets and even worse takes with Outkick the Coverage VIP.

Also, you can get drunk at a bar and have some really delicious food and maybe make some new friends with the fight, whereas you’re just sad online yelling at strangers eating god knows what with Outkick VIP.

@ChaseRuttig: Clay Travis VIP Package

Fuck KKKlay TraviSS. Print that as is, please.

So there you have it, for once since we’ve been following Clay Travis, he’s a winner. But not in the way that he wanted.

Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on either. $100 can buy a lot of booze and there will be a million free streams of the fight on less than legal websites.


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