Way too early Premier League reactions: Huddersfield Town are the best team in England

When the Premier League season started, nearly everyone, this site included, had Huddersfield Town picked to finish last in the standings and to be quickly demoted back down to the Championship.

Well two games into the season, the Terriers are laying waste to the rest of the league and are tied for first-place, slipping to second only because of goal differential.

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To put their start into perspective, the Terriers are on pace to score 76 goals this season, give up zero, go 38-0-0, and finish with 114 points. And I think they can do it.

All the big teams like Manchester United come in expecting to win, and that’s why they lose games, they think every match will be a cakewalk because they’re big, bad Manchester United.

Huddersfield come in knowing they need to scrap every game to prove the doubters wrong, and so far they’re doing it. Just look at this demolition of Crystal Palace in the opening. Men against boys.

And they did that on the road, just imagine how bad the final margin would have been had this been in Huddersfield. Crystal Palace were lucky it wasn’t 6-0.

Then they continued that run with a stifling effort on defense against Newcastle.

I think it’s safe to assume that nobody is scoring against Huddersfield this year. It can’t be done.

It’s hard to write-off a Premier League season this early, but get ready for a celebration in Huddersfield that will be even wilder than when Leicester captured its improbably challenge. Everybody is playing for second, and there are only three spots open for the Champions League.

But for real, it’s an awesome start for Huddersfield, they have absolutely nothing to lose this season with everyone having the lowest possible expectations, so why not go all-out and play fun games. Heck, they’ve already won two, which is probably about half as many as a lot of people predicted them to win, and they’re roughly 32 points away from being safe from relegation. And they still have 36 games to get there.

I’m sure they’ll be dragged back to reality once the schedule gets tougher, particularly in mid-September when they have a six game stretch that includes games against Manchester United, Leicester, Tottenham, and Liverpool.

But for now, enjoy it Huddersfield fans. You’ve waited forever to get to the Premier League, so enjoy the fast start and seeing your team at the top of the table, not many teams ever get to experience that, even if they’ve been in the Premier League forever.


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