Thoughts I have during every episode of Tiny House Hunters: BUY A DAMN RV

As one does when they are bored and there is nothing else on TV, I turned on HGTV last night to kill time while eating dinner, and it happened to be Tiny House Hunters night.

And as is tradition with watching Tiny House Hunters, I lasted all of 29 seconds before getting irrationally upset at the idiots on this show and their even more idiotic decision-making process.

All I can think throughout this whole process, regardless of what their budget might be, is, WHY NOT JUST BUY A DAMN RV/TRAVEL TRAILER!?

Every bozo on Tiny House Hunters comes on and say something to the effect of, “Oh, well, I don’t want to be burdened by a big house, or having to make payments on a $300,000 house for the rest of my life, or I really want to be able to travel and see the world and you can’t do that with a regular house.”

And all of those problems/questions can be answered by just buying a fucking RV/travel trailer.

Let’s take last night’s episode for instance. They had a budget of $35,000 for their tiny house. And after looking at plans that would take up to six months to build, they finally settled on one, and ended up spending around $33,000 and taking the full six months to build.

An RV/travel trailer would have gotten them all the same mobility, everything they were wanting in a tiny house and more, and you could literally plunk down you money and drive off with it in one day, not having to wait six months for you or whoever else to finish building it.

Let’s take their budget of $35,000 and see what we can get at Camping World.


BAM. 37-and-a-half feet with three slideouts means this baby is over 300 square feet, which is MASSIVE by tiny house standards. This literally took me 10 seconds of work to find. Went to the website, set the budget, and boom, there were dozens of options within that range, so it’s not like this was the only choice.


You’re not just getting a shell. In this model you’re getting: a 48-inch TV, a living room hide-a-bed for guest, private master with king bed, two AC units, thermal package for cold weather, roof ladder, 14-foot awning, dining set with four chairs. Oh and tons of storage both inside and our for all the shit that you can’t give up, despite your idea of going tiny and minimal.

Look at this floor plan. This has hookups for a washer/dryer, and a full closet in the master. No tiny house is giving you all of that for under $35,000.


Yes, you may not have as much customization and faux rusting/woodsy looks as you would with a tiny house, but again, on the inside it has everything and more that all these clowns are looking for in a tiny house. And again, if you have the money/credit to get it, you could leave that day with it. Not have some craft brewery reject build it for you who can’t figure out why your driftwood cabinets are crooked.

Plus, you know you’ll need a truck to move this thing, and with these you don’t need some special hired truck to charge you $5,000 to drop it off in the woods. You can move it with your own vehicle. And you don’t have to worry about lopping the top off on a bridge because you needed an extra high loft.

So yeah, if you’re thinking of going tiny, do the smart thing and just buy a fucking RV/travel trailer.


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