Texas Southern runs kickoff into own end zone, takes early lead for worst play of the year


The college football season is not even one game old and we already have a strong candidate for worst play of the year.

Let’s set the stage for what happened:

Coming out of halftime Florida A&M led Texas Souther 20-0, and were kicking off to the Tigers to start the second half.

But because the FAMU band took too long at halftime (new rule for 2017), the Rattlers were charged with a 10-yard penalty for a delay of game, and were forced to kick-off from the 25 rather than the 35.

The announcer for the game then remarked, “Texas Southern should get good field position.”

/Narrator voice/ They did not get good field position.

That’s right, somehow the Tigers managed to field the ball at around the 3-yard-line…and run it into their own end zone for a safety and a 22-0 lead for Florida A&M. The Rattlers later extended the lead to 29-0 following the free kick Texas Southern had to do following the safety.



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