The NHL is donating a few bucks to Hurricane Harvey relief.

It’s no secret to fans that the NHL is a group of skin-flint tightwads who could teach a 400-level class on “One step forward, two steps back.”

However the league reached a new level of pathetic today when it donated $200,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Every cent matters, and anything is better than nothing, but the $200k donation is, generously, a pittance compared to the money being donated by everyone else.

Let’s check in on some of the donated totals, shall we?

NBA: $1 Million

MLB: $1 Million

MLS, Houston Dynamo, jointly: $1 Million

Houston Texans: $1 Million

Dallas Cowboys: $1.1 Million

Detroit Lions: $1 Million

Baltimore Ravens: $1 Million

Atlanta Falcons: Matching up to $1 Million

New England Patriots: Matching up to $1 Million

New York Jets: $1 Million

Tennessee Titans: $1 Million

NFL Foundation: $1 Million

People who like JJ Watt: Honestly who knows, check his Twitter.

And let’s exit the sports world for a bit

Sandra Bullock: $1 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio: $1 Million

Look, I get that sometimes it’s tough to know exactly how much to donate in things like this when you want to maximize PR, especially when things are happening so fast. But the NHL’s donation is the most recent of all of these. Either they saw that many donations all at or around a milly and decided to just donate 20% of that, or they didn’t bother to see where the gauge was at for donations to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts before announcing their donation.

Are either of those really good answers for a league that’s struggling commercially, when compared to their competition?

The NHL got big-time’d by Major League Soccer. Excellent stuff as always.


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