Join the HOTSPROTSTAKES NFL Pick ‘Em contest! See how bad we all are at predicting football!

Pick Em

Everybody thinks they’re a football expert. Few actually are.

We’re here to prove that by starting up an NFL Pick ‘Em group on ESPN. It’s really simple, just sign-up, and each week pick each of the games on the schedule against the spread.

We’re playing Against The Spread, so what that means is if you see say, Patriots (-8.5) against the Chiefs, and you pick the Patriots. You think they are going to win by nine or more points. Or vice versa, that you think the Chiefs will win, or lose by eight or fewer points.

Do this for every game throughout the season, all the way up through Week 17.

So yeah, join in now, there will be some sort of NFL-related prize to the winner, and it’s completely free to play. You can’t afford not to do this.


PS – You need an ESPN account to join or be logged in to yours, either way, it takes 2 seconds of time.


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