Every NHL Team’s Worst Contract Entering 2017/18 – Part 2

Hey guys, been awhile, I had a big project at work due yesterday so I couldn’t really finish this series for a bit but I’m back! Here’s part 2 of every NHL team’s worst contract entering 2017/18.

Anaheim Ducks: Ryan Getzlaf – signed through 2020/21, $8.25 million AAV.

Kedge, how do you not to Kesler? That contract is terrible, he’s older and signed for longer! Let me tell you. Kesler is one year older than Getzlaf but in terms of body wear, Getzlaf is 400 years old. That guy has player hard for 11 years and his decline will be significant.

Washington Capitals: Matt Niskanen – signed through 2020/21, $5.7 million AAV.

Niskanen is like Washington’s 4th best defensemen and they gave him this deal. This is so much worse than the Oshie deal, at least they will be able to trade Oshie in 5 years if things go bad, they’re stuck with Nisky.

Ottawa Senators: Bobby Ryan – signed through 2021/22, $7.25 million AAV.

This is some serious cash for a player that many Sens fans think should have been a healthy scratch in the playoffs. Also, he has a complete no movement clause, not that they could trade him anyway.

Philadelphia Flyers: Andrew MacDonald – signed through 2019/20. $5 million AAV.

Andrew MacDonald is the worst player in the NHL. I’m not even exaggerating, he has zero business playing in this league but here he is. MacDonald has 3 more years left on what is maybe the worst contract in league history. The worst part is how the Flyers constantly defend him, they even took away the press pass of a writer who posted an analytical article about how bad MacDonald is.

Calgary Flames: Mark Giordano – signed through 2021/22. $6.75 million AAV.

2 years ago I thought Giordano was one of the best defensemen in the entire league, I still think he can be but after reaching 33 years of age and missing almost the entire season last year it seems unlikely. This seems like a player that will decline quickly.

Vegas Golden Knights: Jonathan Marchessault – signed through 2017/18. $750 thousand AAV.

Vegas has a unique problem with Marchessault in that he may be too good. That sounds weird to say, but he’s unrestricted free agent after this year and he may not be willing to sign an extension for a team that is going through a years long building project. The one year deal also means that his value is weaker at the trade deadline than it should be for a player of Marchessault’s quality.

Nashville Predators: Nick Bonino – signed through 2020/21. $4.1 million AAV.

Fun fact: Nashville is really good at contracts. This Bonino deal isn’t even that bad. I mean, it’s kind of a stretch for a role player about to hit 30 but this really won’t impact the team’s ability to make moves. Good job, Preds, keep making moves like this and you’ll be in another Cup Final in no time.

Los Angeles Kings: Marian Gaborik ($4.8 million through 2020/21) and Dustin Brown ($5.875 through 2021/22)

Hey it’s a tie! I couldn’t decide which one of these is worse. Brown is a worse contract on paper because he’s basically a thug type player from the early 80s that can’t skate and is valued so highly based on GRIT and HEART but he’s a bad player. Gaborik’s deal is bad because he can hardly walk anymore.

Buffalo Sabres: Kyle Okposo – signed through 2022/23. $6 million AAV.

Like Nashville, this contract this isn’t really that bad. Unlike Nashville, Buffalo is a bad team, but they have plenty of cap room to work with and Okposo scores enough to justify it money-wise but it’s a little too much on the years.

Winnipeg Jets: wait until next year.

The Jets have no bad contracts…….. yet. While the Jets have managed things in a financially prudent and stable way, they have 14 players that have expiring contract next year. These include: Little, Mathias, Ehlers, Tanev, Dano and most importantly, Jacob Trouba.

Columbus Blue Jackets: Brandon Dubinsky – signed through 2020/21. $5.85 million AAV.

This is the MacDonald contract of forwards. Dubinsky is a nobody, I’m pretty sure they signed this deal to reach the salary cap floor 2 years ago. He will always be a career penalty killer at best but is paid like a 25 goal scorer.

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