2017-18 NHL Season Predictions

Holy moly it’s hockey season again! What an off-season its been, there was an expansion draft, Marian Hossa is evidently done playing in the NHL due to a “skin condition”, and Adidas took over all of the NHL’s apparel and jerseys.

But with the start of every season comes a time for predictions, and we at HST are no different. We’re here to tell you who makes the playoffs, who face-plants this coming season, who is taking home what award, and just how good or bad the Vegas Golden Knights will be.

Without further ado, here are our predictions for the 2017-18 NHL season:


East Playoff Teams: Tampa, Toronto, Montreal, Washington, Pittsburgh, Rangers, Columbus.
West Playoff Teams: Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, Anaheim, Edmonton, Calgary, Minnesota, Winnipeg
Eastern Conference Final: Tampa vs Washington
Western Conference Final: Dallas vs Edmonton
Stanley Cup Final: Edmonton vs Tampa
Cup Champs: Tampa

Hart: Connor McDavid
Art Ross: McDavid
Rocket: Patrick Laine (51)
Vezina: Carey Price
Norris: Roman Josi
Calder: Charlie McAvoy
Jack Adams: Paul Maurice
Selke: Jonathan Toews

Vegas Prediction: Worst team in the league

3 BOLD Predictions: Tarasenko scores 50, Marc Bergevin is fired, Washington finally beats Pittsburgh in the playoffs.


East Playoff Teams: Tampa, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Washington, NY Rangers, Montreal, Columbus, Carolina.
West Playoff Teams: Anaheim, Edmonton, Dallas, Chicago, Calgary, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Arizona.
Eastern Conference Final: Toronto vs Pittsburgh
Western Conference Final: Anaheim vs Dallas
Stanley Cup Final: Anaheim vs Pittsburgh
Cup Champs: Anaheim

Hart: Connor McDavid
Art Ross: McDavid
Rocket: Vladimir Tarsenko (52)
Vezina: John Gibson
Norris: Victor Hedman
Calder: Nolan Patrick
Jack Adams: Bill Peters
Selke: Patrice Bergeron

Vegas Prediction: Only team in the league not to hit 70 points.

3 BOLD Predictions: Detroit is the worst team in the league not named Vegas; Nashville fails to make the Playoffs due to a Cup hangover; Both Carolina AND Arizona make the playoffs behind improved defense and great goaltending.


East Playoff Teams: Tampa, Toronto, Montreal, Washington, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Rangers
West Playoff Teams: Dallas, Nashville, Minnesota, Anaheim, Edmonton, Calgary, Chicago, Sharks
Stanley Cup: Stars beat Lightning

Hart: McDavid
Ross: McDavid
Richard: McDavid
Vezina: Tuuka Rask
Norris: Hedman
Calder: Alex DeBrincat
Jack Adams: Whoever is coaching the goalie that wins the Vezina
Selke: Toews

Vegas Prediction: Second worst team in the league.

3 BOLD Predictions: At least one player jets and plays in the Olympics; Mackinnon demands trade out of Colorado; Sergachev is the real deal



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