ESPN Fantasy Basketball lists felony assault charge results as player injury

With the NBA season set to start on Tuesday night, it’s prime fantasy basketball draft season, and with those drafts comes scouting, and making sure you don’t draft a player who is injured to start the season.

One of those players is Washington Wizards forward Markieff Morris, who, at least according to ESPN, had an abdominal injury as a result of being found not guilty on felony assault charges.


That’s right, Morris (abdomen) has been found not guilty on all counts of felony assault charges, Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe reports. Feel free to draft him on all your teams.

Now, it is also important to provide an update on a player if he is facing charges, but maybe don’t list them as an injury. Though, this is the fantasy site that list Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as Injured Reserve eligible…even though he is suspended two games for a DUI, not an injury.

Should be a great season of pretend hoops.

And I know nobody cares, but here’s the team I ended up with.



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