HOTSPROTSTAKES Staff Poll: Ranking the logos of Liga Mexicana Elite de Hockey


Did you know there’s a hockey league in Mexico? Neither did we! But it turns out there is, and man alive if they don’t have some of the best damn logos you’ve never seen.

So we at did we we always do and decided to rank them.

The rules for this are simple, we asked our panel of five voters to rank the teams from 1 to 4, a vote of 1 means they thought it was the league’s best logo, while a vote of 4 means they thought it was the worst. Lowest score wins, so if a team scored a 5 total, they got all the first-place votes.

I have to say, the league has some amazingly good logos, and while all the logos were good, they quickly separated themselves and a clear winner and loser emerged among them.

But, they’re all really fun and do a great job of combining hockey and Mexican culture in them, a fun group of logos to vote on.

Without keeping you waiting any longer, here are our rankings:

4. Olmec Stone Heads (Total Points: 20)

Voted last on every ballot

stone heads

The Stone Heads were far and away the lowest-rated logo of our bunch, taking last on the ballot of every voter. The stone face is just…eh, not that great. But! It’s still a really fun logo, and has good colors. The modern hockey helmet with a visor on it is a great contrast from the ancient stone head that wears it. Despite being last, this might be the most fun logo.

3. Teotihuacan Priests

Highest Rank: 2nd (twice), Lowest Rank: 3rd (three times)


There’s a lot to like about this logo, I really enoy how it combines a temple at the bottom with what a temple priest drawing on the walls inside would look like. Add in the hockey stick and it’s really fun. Anther good color blend with the different shades of blue and the gold in the letters and stick.

2. Mayan Astronomers

Highest Rank: 1st, Lowest Rank: 3rd


A really cool dragon-like logo with good colors and a great wordmark. I would be interested to see a full-body logo of this without the words in the way, or a close-up of just the head area. This looks like something that a minor league team would use in the USA, and I mean that as a compliment.

1. Aztec Eagle Warriors

Highest Rank: 1st (four times), Lowest Rank: 3rd


This is an AMAZING logo, the combination of the eagle wings in the wordmark and the eagle head dress is really well done, and combines to make it look like it is all one element. Good colors and great detail make this the easy winner among our group of voters.

And because we believe in a transparent administration here at HST, here is how our staff of experts voted in this one:

@Rovitz: Eagle Earriors, Priests, Astronomers, Stone Heads

@KedgeOnline: Eagle Warriors, Astronomers, Priests, Stone Heads

@BrianoMobile: Astronomer, Priests, Eagle Warriors, Stone Heads

@AVKingJames: Eagle Warriors, Astronomers, Priests, Stone Heads

@TheRyanWalsh: Eagle Warriors, Astronomers, Priests, Stone Heads


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