Letters from Oklahoma State fans: Actually, the Cowboys beat Central Michigan in 2016

In honor of the New York Times giving its entire editorial page to Trump supporters, giving people who have been nothing but oppressed a chance to finally be heard on a national stage, we at HOTSPROTSTAKES.com have decided to bury the hatchet and let all of the Oklahoma State fans who are still upset about Central Michigan beating them in 2016 on a walk-off Hail Mary. Let's go to their letters:


These youth football “highlights” are just incredibly sad

This morning a pair of teams who clearly support the troops, US Under-15 Stripes and US Under-15 Stars, squared off and let's just say the "highlights" from the first quarter are not something that either team will be showing to their families in the future.

Why Kid Rock is the perfect NHL decision

As we wrote previously, the NHL announced earlier today that Kid Rock will be the headline act at the All-Star game at the end of the month. Which is dumb for so many reasons, all of which could arguably on their own be enough to dissuade a more intelligent company from booking him as entertainment. … Continue reading Why Kid Rock is the perfect NHL decision

HOTSPROTSTAKES INVESTIGATES: Is Ronnie Milsap actually blind?

As we all know, Stevie Wonder isn't blind, but what about other musicians that also claim to be blind? Why should Stevie (rightfully) get all the attention while the others get a pass from the LAMESTREAM MEDIA? Well we here at HOTSPROTSTAKES.com are looking at those other artists to make sure they don't exploit America like Stevie has. That brings us to Ronnie Milsap.

The Steelers onside kick was the right call, even if it cost them the game

In a day full of terrible coaching decisions that had Steelers fans calling for Mike Tomlin's head, he got one coaching decision right Sunday. Unfortunately the play was messed up so badly by the kicker that it cost them the game and their season. But going for the onside kick late in the game was absolutely the right call, and I'll explain why.