This Arena Softball hype video is amazing

So last night I was sitting at home watching Major League Arena Soccer, when it dawned on me that all sports that are turned into an arena version are better. Arena Football? Better than outdoor football. Arena Soccer? Better than outdoor soccer.

I also got me to wondering why wasn’t there Arena Baseball, but that’s another post for another time after I figure out the rules and regulations for that.

Well one of my followers on Twitter alerted me to Arena Softball and folks, it is a delight.

You’re probably wondering, how the hell do you play Arena Softball? Well, you need an indoor baseball complex, which are kind of hard to find and expensive to rent out, but once you do that, there are some majorly different rules.

From, which is apparently a real thing:


  • There is no foul ball. All hit balls are live.

  • Fly balls caught off the net result in the batter being given out caught.

  • All batting innings consist of 20 legal pitches. No longer does 3 outs close an inning.

  • Teams score on defense as well as offense. The fielding side gets awarded a 1/2 run for every out.

  • Two (2) balls is a walk. Two (2) strikes is an out.

  • The batting side gets awarded a 1/2 run for every walk.

That sounds lit. But how does it look on the field? Well dear reader, you are in luck, because here is an Arena Softball hype video.

Terrible techno-rock music? You betcha. Clips of remarkably unathletic looking people doing basic softball functions? I wouldn’t be showing you this if there wasn’t. “Highlights” of some of the great plays? There’s no other reason for a hype video.

Here’s a few of my favorite moments:

30 seconds: This guy making a snag off the net on the run, turning, FIRING, and…not getting the out a first. HOLY MACKEREL! THIS IS ARENA SOFTBALL BINCH!


This bat toss right after, where the guy catching the bat makes sure to look at the camera to ensure they got that hot action on film.


Oh hell yeah. You don’t just walk into the Arena Softball thunderdome and not do a bat toss that makes all the ladies swoon.

This amazing shot of the Arena Softball logo having a seizure and then a florescent softball CRASHING through the screen. You know you’re playing for keep when that happens.



Listen, I get maybe you love slow-pitch softball (and probably take it way too seriously) but the whole reason you play is that it is outside, in the summer, and you can have beers while doing it. If you feel the need to take the game indoors so your game is in shape once the season starts, you may need help.

ARENA SOFTBALL! Feel the excitement.

This will probably be on ESPN3 this summer and I will watch every game of it. What a great sport.


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