HOTSPROTSTAKES INVESTIGATES: Is Ronnie Milsap actually blind?

As we all know, Stevie Wonder isn’t blind, but what about other musicians that also claim to be blind? Why should Stevie (rightfully) get all the attention while the others get a pass from the LAMESTREAM MEDIA? Well we here at are looking at those other artists to make sure they don’t exploit America like Stevie has.

That brings us to Ronnie Milsap, who has reportedly been blind since birth, and in a sad and terrible story, was abandoned by his birth parents because he was blind, raised by his grandparents and learned Braille by age six.

Over his career Ronnie has racked up six Grammy Awards and forty No. 1 country singles, the ultimate dunk on those parents who abandoned him.

But is he REALLY blind?

We start with his song “Stranger in My House” which is an ALL-TIME classic country banger and if you don’t like this song we can’t be friends.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the lyrics here.

There’s a silence here between us
I’ve never heard before
And I can’t find the love
In her eyes anymore

OK Ronnie, if you’re so blind, then why are you telling us about looking into a woman’s eyes? That seems more than a little suspicious. Not quite as suspicious as Stevie making a PSA song about the dangers of drunk driving, but a bit weird nonetheless.

There’s a stranger in my house
Somebody here that I can’t see
Stranger in my house
Somebody here trying to take her away from me

But Ronnie quickly walks back his statement about looking into her eyes by acknowledging that there is in fact a stranger in his house, somebody there that he can’t see. Let’s be real though, if Ronnie is actually blind, everyone in his house is a stranger. So two verses into the song we’re back where we started, unsure if he is actually blind.

But why sing a song with lines about LOOKING into someone’s eyes if you’re blind? Well Ronnie covers that in an interview with CMT.

4. In some of your songs, you make comments about sight: “Was I too blind to see what’s been happening to me?” and “There’s a stranger in my house/Somebody here that I can’t see.” Were these deliberate puns?

No, these are not intentional. They’re actually just great songs. If I run into somebody, I’ll say, “Hey, good to see you again.” And it’s my perception of being with you or whatever my senses let me know. But I use that very loosely, because when you see something, you see something in your own way. But, no, those are totally not intentional. I think you just try to find great songs. If they talk about, “I saw her standing by the door” or whatever, hey, I don’t shy away from any of that. The way that I see things are the way I see them.

Good enough reason. Let’s be real, Ronnie probably didn’t write all or most of his songs, and as many bangers as Ronnie has put out over the years, who are we to question the lyrics and content of his song. So this seems like a good explanation for those lyrics and does provide some valid evidence that he is in fact blind.

One last piece of evidence that seals my opinion that he is in fact blind, unlike Stevie, is this bit from when a bunch of other blind musicians had a party and didn’t invite Ronnie, which is beyond rude.


Good God. “Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I want to spend a whole evening looking at one of Ronnie’s butt-ugly shirts.” That is just…damn. I feel bad for Ronnie after that roasting. But I’ve never heard of any of those other guys and Ronnie has 40 No. 1 hits, so Ronnie probably didn’t hear that roasting from atop his pile of gold records.

But it does raise a valid point, if Ronnie could see that shirt, he wouldn’t be wearing it.

So yes, after investigating, Ronnie Milsap is blind.


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