These youth football “highlights” are just incredibly sad

Going on in Texas right now is the ninth annual USA Football International Bowl, which I think is a showcase for young football players in or getting ready to enter high school.

This morning a pair of teams who clearly support the troops, as all teams should, US Under-15 Stripes and US Under-15 Stars, squared off and let’s just say the “highlights” from the first quarter are not something that either team will be showing to their families in the future.

Now, I get that these are 14- and 15-year-old kids in these games and aren’t pros or even high school players yet, but if ESPN3 wants to give this game a platform, then we feel it is fair game to roast it when they post a video like this.


Right away we get a shot of the QB for one of the team who appears to have plenty of time to throw, drops back…and then just sort of drops the ball and watches it roll right to the pass rush of the other team. OK maybe it gets better from there.

Our second clip is another QB dropping back to pass who gets set to throw what is probably a bubble screen, and then he…also loses the ball without being hit and has it bounce right into the hands of the other team. Seriously, these are the highlights? Maybe they shouldn’t have played the first quarter with a greased ball.

But at the 8-second mark, oh baby do we finally get a highlight. The pass rush for US Under-15 Stars has one player get through pretty much untouched, and No. 95 just DRILLS the unsuspecting quarterback for a sack. Really, in addition to the great sack, it was a hell of a job by that quarterback to hang onto the ball. Well done to both of you, whoever you are.

At last look US Under-15 Stars led 6-0 on a fumble recovery for a touchdown. If this is the future of football, it makes sense that ratings are massively down for the NFL.

HT to @avkingjames for alerting us to this majestic video.


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