Sports I don’t give a shit about: College Baseball

For as long as I can remember I have loved the game of baseball.

I grew up playing it, some of the earliest memories of my childhood are of taking batting practice in my backyard, playing catch, playing little league, up through high school baseball, and even wooden bat league while in college.

I love nearly everything about the game.

But I just cannot seem to give a shit about college baseball, no matter how hard I try.

The sport is now underway for the 2018 season, and honest to goodness, I have no interest in following out or knowing anything about it until the MLB Draft nears and they start talking about some of the top prospects who are in college baseball.

I think part of it has to do with the fact that they still use metal bats (mainly because the bat companies would flip shit if they dropped them), another part that the players all look and act like a bunch of entitled rich douchebags, throw in the fact that most schools play on all-turf fields, including the infield “dirt” with a little bit of the fact that nobody in college baseball can field worth a shit, and it’s a pretty lousy thing to have to consistently watch.

Oh and the season starts in fucking February, and February is too early to have to start caring about baseball.

And because of all those reasons, the game has absolutely no charm. You go to a minor league game (which really at the A-ball level is probably about on-par with D1 NCAA baseball), and there’s a couple thousand people, fun games between innings, usually weird mascots and lots of things to keep kids entertained. The crack of the bat, the sound of an (fake) organ playing old-timey music. And there’s none of that at college baseball. It’s like they try to act big league with a minor league product.

Maybe part of it is that I went to a college in a cold weather climate. They had a baseball team, and one who was pretty dang good in their respective conference. But the weather sucked at almost every home game, so the crowds were like 100 people, they couldn’t even start playing home games until mid-March at the absolute earliest, and then by the first week in May you were gone from campus for the summer and you never got to watch them. So really, baseball at my school, even though they were good, was an afterthought, even for people like me who love the game.

The town I currently live in has no minor league or college summer league baseball team of any sort, just a Division 2 college down the road. I went to one game last year and decided that was enough of that for the season. And they’re good! They crank ping dingers all over the place with those stupid metal bats! Same with Texas Tech, who is just under two hours away, has one of the best baseball programs and stadiums in the country…and I could not care less about them or their team.

What’s really odd is my old hometown back in Michigan has a summer college league team where they use wooden bats, and I enjoy the heck out of watching that, even though it’s basically the same product as what they were playing two months earlier.

So yeah, if you’re super into college baseball and live and die on the ping of the bat and watching your infielders kick the ball around all game, more power to you.



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