Stats and research prove which team is the worst of all-time at drafting

As sports continue to shift, and team owners and general managers are trying to find new market inefficiencies (aka how can we save money), and with the turn the draft in their respective sports has become more important than ever.

And with good reason.

The draft is a chance to get everything a cheap owner is looking for in a player, and really it’s quite unfair to the players, but that’s another story for another time. You get a young player, who makes a very small (relatively speaking) salary compared to more established stars, and best of all for the owners and GMs, they get control of that player’s contract and career for the next handful of years. So even if they turn into an instant star, you get them for a few seasons on a very cheap deal.

But most teams are not good at drafting. Really, all teams are bad at drafting. If you have a draft of around seven rounds like the NHL and NBA do, if you hit on 3-4 players in your class you had a great year. And that isn’t even saying that you get 3-4 stars, that might mean 3-4 solid starters to help round out the roster. Needless to say it isn’t an exact science.

Shoot, there was a story one guy did where he found that you drawing names from a hat would result in a more successful draft than former Lions GM Matt Millen.

But which team is the worst of the worst at drafting? The team that whiffs on first-round picks, doesn’t found late-round gems, and as a result finds themselves bad but not bad enough, or never good enough to get out of having high draft picks.

The usual suspects come to mind, the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Phoenix Suns, and maybe some others I’m missing.

But who is truly the worst of the worst? The answer may shock and confuse you, but they are so clearly the worst ever at drafting…









The Washington Generals.


That’s right folks, the team that usually plays the Harlem Globetrotters but also plays in other tournaments against non-Globetrotter teams.

The team started in 1952 and in that time they where they folded a couple times, came back, and are back again, and racked up a record of 6-13,000. Read that again. 6-13,000. With only one win against the Globetrotters. HOW?

The team won six fucking games in like 60 years worth of games. That would mean they should or would have the top draft pick pretty much each and every year that they played, and somehow they never hit on enough picks to put together a team that even resembled being competent. Seriously, six wins to 13,000 losses. That doesn’t even seem possible.

Here is their current roster, I thought I recognized one guy who maybe played at Michigan State. Nope, he played JUCO ball and then scored like 130 total points over his final couple years at the D1 level. That’s the best they could come up with despite being last and presumably having the best pick in the draft.

In 50-plus years they never once hit on a great player. Seriously, name one famous player from the Washington Generals? You can’t.

And that’s why they’re the worst team ever at drafting.

Sorry I wasted your time talking about a team that plays staged basketball games.


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