Things I would pay extra for: Streams of games with no announcers

You’re at home, ready to turn on THE BIG GAME, or your favorite team is on say MLB Network, or whatever other way you watch your teams or favorite sports. You flip to the channel…and shit it’s Joe Buck calling the game, or Pierre McGuire is between the glass. The game hasn’t even started and your viewing experience is ruined!

This is usually what happens when you are set to tune in to whatever game you desire, stuck with crappy announcers who make you wish you could unplug the speakers rather than listen to them.

But on Thursday night I had the opposite happen, while watching Olympic hockey I used the NBC Sports App, and picked just the stream of the game rather than the NBC or NBCSN feed…and there were no announcers! Just the natural sounds coming from the ice and area. No Pierre, or whoever else rambling on about things that you don’t care about. And it was glorious. Now every time I used the NBC Sports App and there are announcers on the game I feel bummed out and cheated.

With no announcers you feel like you are more a part of the game, the game seems to move faster, and you’re more likely to pay attention because you don’t have some blow-hard telling you what’s happening. You also are less likely to get pissed off at the game when Cris Collinsworth sits there and tells you he has no idea how that’s a touchdown, when everyone else in the world but him knows it’s a touchdown.

But what if league’s wised up to people hating announcers, and started offering streams of the games with no announcers. How much would you be willing to pay for that, an extra $10 a year? $20? More?

Now, I know there are ways with surround sound systems where you can unplug or turn off certain channels and that mutes the announcers, but what about those of us who can’t do that? What if we don’t want to listen to Hawk Harrelson or the Boston Celtics’ terrible announcers?

The NBA already offers you the arena view on its League Pass service, where you basically get the Jumbotron feed and see all the stuff going on that you normally wouldn’t during the commercial break, so why not take that one step further and cut out the announcers?

Honestly, I feel like this is something fans would be more than willing to pay for. $10 to $20 a year seems more than fair to cut out 2-3 chuckleheads who don’t know a thing about basketball or whatever sport, but because they were the 11th man on a team that reached the Eastern Conference Finals 20 years ago, that somehow makes them an expert on the sport.

MLB, the NHL, NBA and others are missing out on money, the thing they crave most of all, by not offering this.



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