Dinner Booth Athletics: Bark in the Park is the best thing in sports

Welcome to Dinner Booth Athletics, the fam-friendly sports alternative to the terrible and unchristian ways of Barstool Sports. Here, we talk about the good things happening in sports, like you did with your family in an actual restaurant booth long before the internet ruined family diners and allowed everyone with internet to chime in.

There are only a few things left in this world that scream, “America”, “Good”, “Family”, “fun”, and kind.

One of them is baseball. Another one is dogs. You put them together in one place and you have something that even the most hardened of hearts can love and appreciate: Bark in the Park Night.

All baseball is good. All dogs are good. And when your local stadium sets aside a section of the stadium for people to have their dogs and owners sit together while taking in America’s past time, it gets a little tough to not wipe tears of joy from your eyes. The dog sits there with the breeze blowing through their fur, maybe you brought them a tennis ball to enjoy or share with their neighbor, and you sit there giving them pets while keeping an eye on the game with a beer or two. But not too many, we have to drive home after the game afterall.

Just look how happy these dogs were at a Bark in the Park game last summer.

You can’t buy that kind of happiness. Well, I guess you can. Yep, a buck and a quarter used to get you a box seat at the game, now it gets the beer guy mad at your because you’re three dollars short of the price they charged.

Yessiree, a man and his dog outside in nature together. The smell of hot dogs (it’s OK to sneak your pup one or two, they really like them), the green of the grass, the crack of the bat, and the smattering of applause when that young shortstop does things the right way and throws out a runner at first who wasn’t hustling down the line because they have a big contract from the major league team and don’t have to EARN their spot like some guys who love the game. That’s what sports is about.

Get you a dog that lives a while, and a dozen or so Bark in the Park Nights might just be the most cherished memories you have of your dog before you need to take them out back with your Remington while the wife tells the kids to look away and cover their ears. Life is a fragile thing.

As this world gets worse by the day, murder on TV, sex, drugs, and video games becoming more common than the Bible, it’s refreshing and relaxing to know that folks can still take three hours of their day to ignore the world around them and just enjoy a baseball game with their dog.


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