STATE OF THE FEDERAL: @NorthernFeds Battle Well in Season Opener


The Federal Hockey League’s “newly added expansion team” showed out on their first-ever franchise game, taking on the Watertown Wolves on the road for the first of five games between the rivals.

Fans were eagerly awaiting tonight’s long-anticipated puck drop, and showed up publicly to support their boys.

feds fan

feds fans


Nobody knew what to expect from a ragtag team of former players/scratches – who fans were just introduced to today on the team’s twitter – but it was clear and evident from puck drop exactly what the Wolves fans were in for.

In a game that clearly had high stakes, the Wolves knew they’d have to show up and that the cost would be worth it.glsc

It was close to start off, but as the game progressed, it was more than clear who the better team was in this rivalry.

12-2 was the final on the scoresheet for Watertown, but this was clearly a win for the Northern Federals. Scoring two against the second best team in the league shows the dominance that we can come to expect from such a highly-competitive team, and the fans appreciated it.feds

While the Watertown Wolves fans may cheer for something pompous or petty like a “final score” or “winning record” or “franchise that still operates financially independently without outside league support”, the proud and faithful #Troops of Feds fans will continue to support a team that actually knows what hockey is about – playing.



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