HOTSPROTSTAKES STAFF POLL: Ranking the logos of the Indoor Football League

Hey, it’s time for our favorite thing at HOTSPROTSTAKES: Ranking the logos of some obscure sports league you’ve never heard of!

That’s right, today we journal to the world of indoor football (not arena, there’s a difference), and ranking the logos of the mostly-midwest-based Indoor Football League.

As always, we rank them from 1 to 6, 1 being the best and 6 being the worst. So if every voter for HST gave a logo a 1, it was the best, and vice versa. We had a whopping seven voters today, so the best score possible was a seven, while the worst score possible would be a 42.

This was a wild vote, with two teams that edged ahead of the competition for best, and two teams that went toe-to-toe trying to avoid our worst logo!

One thing that was interesting, there is usually a team or two that is way ahead of everyone else and averages less than two points per vote, that was not the case on today’s ballot.

Without further, ado, here are our rankings:

6. Sioux Falls Storm (35 points, 5 average)

Highest vote: 3rd; Lowest vote: 6th, three times.


Again, in every vote we’ve ever done of these, teams with singular names like Storm, Rage, Fury, Power, Mayhem, etc., always do the worst. Really, storm wouldn’t be that hard to come up with a good logo, but this just…kinda there. The red lightning bolt could have been something to work with, but it seems like it comes from out of nowhere. Really underwhelming for the best team in IFL history.

5. Nebraska Danger (34 points, 4.85 average)

Highest vote: 3rd; Lowest vote: 6th, three times.


Remember what we just said about the Storm and singular nicknames? Same goes for the Nebraska Danger. I’ll admit that this is one of the better singular name logos, it really does look like a warning sign you’d see, and the yellow warning triangle behind it is a nice touch. But again, it came it fifth, so singular name logos are not easy to pull off. Also, it’s good that the skull is aware of the dangers of CTE and wearing a helmet.

4. Iowa Barnstormers (21 points, 3 average)

Highest vote: 2nd, three times; Lowest vote: 5th.


I wanted to like this logo more than I do. After all, the Barnstormers have arguably the greatest helmets in indoor/arena football history:


But the logo itself for the team is just…there’s a lot going on. It’s got a plane, which acknowledges the actual Barnstormers name, it has a circular crest like an alternate hockey jersey logo, and it has wings. Then it also has three different font types on it. As @CallMeBednard put it, “Barnstormers just try too many ideas and it ends up a goopy mess.”

3. Arizona Rattlers (21 points, 3 average)

Highest vote: 1st, twice; Lowest vote: 6th.


You could argue this is the most iconic and recognized logo in indoor/arena football history, basically the same one they’ve used since starting more than 25 years ago, with slight color changes. As our voting shoes, some think it is really great, while others are not impressed by it. Personally… meh, it’s not bad, it’s not great, it just is kind of there. This is what I think of when I think of minor league football logos, good not great. This took 3rd based on receiving more first-place votes than Iowa.

2. Green Bay Blizzard (19 points, 2.7 average)

Highest vote: 1st, twice; Lowest vote: 5th, twice.


The abominable snowman in this is great, really nice detail without being over the top, and the football tucked under its left arm is a nice touch. This also has a lot of really nice smaller details, like the damaged shield that he is jumping out of, and the icicles hanging off of the word Blizzard. This honestly might be the best singular name logo I have ever seen, and is a great thing that ties into the cold winters in Wisconsin.

1. Cedar Rapids Titans (17 points, 2.42 average)

Highest vote: 1st, three times; Lowest vote: 4th, three times.


This logo is very well done from a lot of standpoints. I really like the titan coming out of the black shield behind him, the word font is nice and interestingly allows for more white in it than the rest of the logo, and the nicest touch is the football-shaped shield that he uses for defense. This logo had the most first-place votes, and also was the only vote to not receive a vote lower than 4th. Just a very clean logo, and honestly, the surprise winner of this poll.

And as always, because we believe in the democratic process and transparency, here is how we voted:

@Rovitz: Titans, Blizzard, Danger, Barnstormers, Rattlers, Storm

@chiweethedog: Titans, Rattlers, Barnstormers, Danger, Blizzard, Storm

@AVKingJames: Rattlers, Barnstormers, Blizzard, Titans, Storm, Danger

@FletchTopper: Rattlers, Blizzard, Barnstormers, Titans, Storm, Danger

@CallMeBednard: Blizzard, Titans, Rattlers, Danger, Barnstormers, Storm

@ChaseRuttig: Blizzard, Barnstormers, Storm, Titans, Danger, Rattlers

@BrianoMobile: Titans, Barnstormers, Rattlers, Storm, Blizzard, Danger


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