Ever wanted to rent a tank and crush some stuff?! Today is your lucky day!

So this morning at work I was watching one of the sub-stations our station operates, when I saw a commercial for the Tac Lighter, from the same people who brought you Tac Glasses, because evidently you need a military-grade lighter for starting a fire in your backyard fire pit.

But what caught my eye was that they decided to run the damn thing over with a tank to show how tough this lighter is, and on the side of the tank was clearly the website address, http://www.DriveATank.com, so naturally I had to look this site up and see what it’s all about.

Wanna smash cars? Shoot old World War II guns? OR EVEN DRIVE A TANK THROUGH A DAMN HOUSE?! Well buddy, at DriveATank.com you can do all that AND MORE!

Just look at the package they offer!


Oh hell yeah. For just $300 you can drive a FV433 Abbott SPG with a STEN WII Machine Gun AND you get a safety and history presentation, as well as a shop and equipment tour. But let’s be real, if you’re ponying up to rent a damn tank, you wanna smash some shit!

To add a car in to the mix is another $549! Wanna smash two?! It’s ONLY $749. Hell yeah baby, get those old Toyotas out of my way as the lib crushing tank rolls through.

Really, the best bang for your buck is the 5 Star Commander in Chief package, you get to drive four different tanks, you get a car crush, FOUR machine guns, an anti-material rifle, AND you get to bring two buddies. Really, that’s a big offer for only $900 a person.


The site also offer the chance to drive your rental tank through a damn mobile home!


But you can do more than just run it over with the tank! You get the chance to smash shit on the inside with bats and hammers! From the website:

Before you jump in the driver’s seat and plow through the mobile home we give you the opportunity to have some fun with the interior. Take a bat to the windows and walls, throw some rocks through what’s left, and just have lots of fun making a mess.

Hell yeah, America.

So yeah, if you are in the mood to drop upwards of $1000 on spending a day driving a tank and getting to crush cars and mobile homes, DriveATank.com is the place for you!



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