Want to win a Bel-Air Academy jersey?! Enter the HOTSPROTSTAKES.com Bracket Challenge!

Whoa can you believe it, March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament is here! Where does the time go!

Well with the NCAA Tournament here it of course means it is bracket season, and we at HOTSPROTSTAKES.com are firing up our bracket challenge group, THE HOTTEST BRACKET CHALLENGE GROUP on the internet!

We run it through ESPN’s site/app, so it’s really easy to enter, just make sure you have an ESPN account, and click the link below to head to the group page.


The rules are simple, just pick the winner of each game, we use ESPN’s standard scoring for it, and it is one entry per person, unless you want to make a bunch of separate ESPN accounts to try to get multiple ones.

And as you probably guessed from the title of this piece, the winner of this year’s Bracket Challenge will win a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air basketball jersey, like the ones Will and Carlton won for Bel-Air Academy, your choice of either Will or Carlton.


So yeah, join now, tell your friends, and be sure to have your picks in before 11:59 a.m. on Thursday!

Let’s do that amateur shoot hoops bracket challenge!


Leave your HOT TAKES here:

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