Wanna win some money playing fantasy golf? Join the HST Masters group!

It’s Masters Week bb! And we at HOTSPROTSTAKES.com are JACKED beyond belief for some good golf action. Well, as is tradition at HST, we are running a pool for this week’s golf action, and rather than make the prize a t-shirt or something, we’re putting real money on the line.

HST is using Draft Kings to host this contest, because that’s the daily fantasy gambling site that is allowed in the state I live in, so if your state doesn’t allow you to play on Draft Kings, well, I’m sorry.

For those who haven’t played, Daily Fantasy Golf is simple: you pick a lineup of six golfers for the entire tournament, and get points based on what they do. Birdies or better are good and get you points, bogeys or worse do the opposite, and you get bonuses for multiple birdies in a row, or where they are positioned on the leaderboard over all four days. So really, if you want to win, all six golfers need to make the cut.

Here is the link to the group, it is private so we’re keeping most of the ringers out of this:


Entry is $5, and there is only one entry per person, so make your picks wisely! As of right now, prizes are only going to the Top-3, but if we get enough players we can expand that to the Top-5 or maybe Top-10, really, it depends on you.

So yeah, join the HOTSPROTSTAKES.com Masters pool, pick your favorite golfers, and lets play some golf!

Happy Masters Week everyone!


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