And the winner of the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge is…

Folks, after three weeks of exciting college shoot hoops and everyone hoping they would win the world’s most prestigious basketball prize, the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge has come to a conclusion and the winner is…


Steve racked up a whopping total of 1,350 points over the course of the tournament to finish in the top 99.6 percentile of brackets. He finished a full 100 points ahead of the runner-up, making his mark in the first three weekends of the tournament, and being one of 15 people to correctly pick Villanova as this year’s champion.

Steve will take home (he will get mailed) a Bel-Air Academy jersey, in his choice of Will or Carlton.

So a big congratulations to Steve on his win, and a haha you lose to everyone else who isn’t Steve.

Thanks again for joining the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge, which featured 49 people in it, our largest group ever!

See you next March!



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