HOT SPROTS Podcast: Episode Zero (May 6/7, 2018)

*coughs, cues up Bender from Futurama voice*


But no, really, the pod is finally back after a long hiatus! It turns out not giving our hot takes about SPROTS has been weighing on us for a good while now and we just can’t take it anymore.

Welcome to Episode Zero of the newly-arrived HOT SPROTS Podcast, which will feature Chase Ruttig as host and myself behind the production keyboard. We’ll try to feature guests as we get going, but for now, it’s just two dudes from different countries talking about SPROTS and culture like only we can.

We are aiming for episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so we can be in direct comeptition with a certian show that’s a spoonerism of Tardon Py Make.

Without further ado: here is a rundown of topics!

Block A: (open to 32:08) Chase is sad about the Raptors, while @avkingjames laments what LeBron did to his Pistons. We also talk about the rest of the NBA, including why being the #1 seed might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Is Winnipeg being Canada’s only remaining hope a good thing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? What would be the worst possible NHL Finals matchup?

Block B: (32:57 to 46:52) It’s time for HOT CULTURAL TAKES as the crew dissects Kanye West’s sudden conversion to MAGAism and how it compartes to Childish Gambino’s approach in “This is America”. Can we separate art from the artist ever again, or are we coming upon a new era of active listening? Also, J. Cole is boring.

Block C: (47:19 to end) Time to make a bet (for entertainment purposes only), eh? Chase gives us some good looks at the English Premier League, NBA basketball and the upcoming UFC 224 main card event. Also, Chase eviscerated the newly-formed Canadian Premier League because it leaves out his home province. @avkingjames talks about his love of boxing.


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