HOT SPROTS Podcast: Episode One (May 8/9, 2018)

Good morning, HOT SPROTSERS!

After our pilot episode, we’re off and running with the pod in full! Chase Ruttig and @avkingjames are working on getting some guests for the next podcast so be sure to stay tuned for any updates! We’ve got about 61 minutes of sprots and culture to cover so let’s get right down to it.

Here’s the rundown for the pod, which can be found in full on the bottom of the page:

BLOCK A (open to 18:20): RIP in peace to the Ratpors’ playoff chances. Chase eulogizes the Raps and tries to figure out what happens next. We also explore the rest of the NBA and NHL PLayoffs.

BLOCK B (18:44 to 37:09): The crew gets serious and scours the headlines for hard news. ROberto Osura faces a charge for domestic violence. What does it mean for the Toronto Blue Jays, Major League Baseball and the rest of sports in this day and age of social activism. The Guardian highlights America’s tendency to strong-arm local governments into building new stadiums or moving out, which is decidedly different from the rest of the world. Why is that?

BLOCK C (37:34-end): If you wanted nearly seven minutes of WNBA talk, you got it! We talk League Pass, the weird playoff system and why it doesn’t have a bigger audience.  There’s action at the bottom of the Premier League table and the top of the SkyBet League 1 table. What does it all mean? We also talk the new ESPN Monday Night Football booth and why all sports journalists/broadcasters should become relatively unremarkable pass catchers from power conference colleges instead.


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