OJ Simpson takes home CIF Player of the Week honors

Folks, the action in Champions Indoor Football is heating up as we come down the stretch for the regular season, and this past weekend’s weekly award winners saw some of the best performances of the season.

But none stood out, for a couple of reasons, like Kansas City Phantoms wide receiver and special teams ace, OJ Simpson.

That’s right I said OJ Simpson.


Hell yeah. As you can see, 176 yards on eight returns, including one for a TD is a pretty good week, especially when you average 22 yards per return in a league where the field is only 50 yards long.

OJ has actually had a pretty strong season for the Phantoms this year, hauling in 35 passes in seven games, averaging just under nine yards per catch, and finding the end zone seven times. He’s also added 69 rushing yards (nice), on 25 carries, including two touchdowns.

But where he’s really shined for the Phantoms is in the special teams area. He’s racked up almost 600 yards in returns this season for an 18.3 yard average and two touchdowns.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Uhhh Rovitz, the guy’s name is OJ Simpson, you’re sort of burying the lede here.” And you’d be right. A guy choosing to go by the name OJ Simpson is a story in itself in 2018, nearly 25 years after the OG OJ saga went down.

And it turns out he’s embraced it!

In this interview with ESPN from 2012 when he played with the Kansas City Command of the Arena Football League, he admits that his father was a HUGE USC fan back in the day, and how he has to explain to people that it’s not a joke, even when he calls for something as routine as a doctor’s appointment.

Simpson is actually well-versed in the Arena/Indoor football game, with the 2018 season being his 11th season in the game, and has racked up awards of his storied and strange career, including being named CIF Special Teams Player of the Year in 2013 when he averaged 24 yards per return and totaled four touchdowns. He also played two seasons in the Arena Football League after playing his college ball at Missouri Western and Benedictine College in Kansas.

So here’s to you other OJ Simpson, the former CIF Special Teams Player of the Year, that is something nobody can ever take away…unless you kill your wife and a waiter.


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