HOT SPROTS Podcast: Episode Two (May 10/11, 2018)

It’s currently a sort of desolate scene for sports in the early May period, as basketball is on hiatus, baseball hasn’t really revealed a lot of thigs quite yet and hockey is lagard in figuring out its next round matchups.

So that left the boys to a lot of their own devices.

Check out the entire rundown below:

BLOCK A (start to 12:50): The guys preview the next round of the NBA Playoffs. That’s honestly about it, really.

BLOCK B (13:15 to 34:10) Chase and @avkingjames debate whether or not ESPN is utilize Katie Nolan right after reports indicated she commands a seven-figure salary. Chase also tears into The Athetic hiring Rick Reilly, while @avkingjames does a dramatic reading of the Darren Rovell-Marvin Jones Twitter spat.

BLOCK C (34:42 to end): The guys talk about ticket embargos at various sporting events and try to figure out why they keep happening. They also have “what to watch for” in the upcoming SPROTS weekend and @avkingjames tries to justify his NASCAR fandom.


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