This Coke display is the most patriotic thing you’ll see all day and definitely supports the troops

What’s more American than a nice refreshing Coca-Cola?

How about a giant Coke display in your local Walmart with a troop saluting the American and Texas flags that hand above it? And how about putting two more American flags on the side with fans behind them to make it look like they are flapping in the breeze?


I spotted this baby at the local Walmart last night while getting paper towel and spot shot just in case our new puppy pisses all over the floor.

I felt compelled to stand and salute this brave display of patriotism for hours, but my fiance dragged me to the checkout counter so we could leave the store.

So yeah, next time you think YOU support the troops, just know that Walmart and Coke have teamed up to support the troops in the sweetest, sugariest way possible.



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