#Thrill5 Week 2

Welcome back willforthrillers. If you decided to ride with the #Thrill5 in week 1 you went 3-2 and have a solid chunk of change in the bank account. This week I’ve got 5 guaranteed LOCKS to bet the house on. Ride with thrill and lets make some mf money!

Vikings ML+120
Although the Packers and Vikings both won their week 1 matchups, the Vikings 28-12 victory over the Falcons looked much more convincing than the Packers 10-3 win over the Bears. 1 game is a small sample size that isn’t indicative of how either team will perform this season, but it’s enough for me to think the Vikings have a good chance to beat the Packers on the road. If the Vikings are serious about winning the division, this is a good place to start.

Patriots over 33.5 -125
After the Dolphins pathetic 59-10 loss to the Ravens and the Patriots dominant 33-3 victory over the Steelers, the line for this game is HUGE at 19.0 points. Despite the massive gap in talent, the Patriots have struggled in Miami, going 1-5 in their past 6 trips. This doesn’t make me think the Dolphins have a chance in this game, but it does make me weary of the 19.0 point line. That’s a lot of points in the NFL. Instead, I’m playing it safe and betting the over for the Patriots point total. The Ravens single-handedly covered the overall point total before halftime last week so I’m confident the Patriots can cover 33.5 points, but I’ll avoid the combined 48.5 point total due to concerns about the Dolphins offense.

Chargers -1.5 -115
Surely this line is bait? The Lions couldn’t even put away the Cardinals. They STINK. Even on the road without Melvin Gordon, the Chargers should make easy work of the Lions.

Jaguars +8.5 -115
I’m a Gardner Minshew guy. Plain and simple. <a href="http://“>This photo of Gardner Minshew has been circulating the web today and I’ve been informed that it’s an old photo but I no care. <a href="http://“>This photo is indisputably recent and he’s still got that drip. ‘Big Dick’ Nick Foles went down after a beautiful touchdown drive and our guy Gardner Minshew came off the bench and completed 22 of 25 pass attempts for 275 yards and 2 touchdowns. With a full week to prepare as QB1 there’s no doubt in my mind that my guy is gonna ball out and the Jaguars will maybe cover the +8.5 point spread against the Texans.

Eagles -1.5 -110
The Falcons just haven’t seemed to recover since their heartbreaking Super Bowl loss two years ago. They occasionally show little glimpses of what made them so great that year, but more often than not they’re just frustrating. The Eagles haven’t looked amazing since they won the Super Bowl either but they still win games. What it comes down to is that I just have more faith in the Eagles than I have in the sad, pathetic, emasculated, Atlanta Falcons.


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