#Thrill5 Week 9

Welcome back willforthrillers! Last week was a bye week for the blog (I actually wrote a blog but the editor-in-chief was too busy moving or something to post it) but I still posted my picks on Twitter like I always do and we went 4-1, bringing the season record to 26-14. My Thursday and Monday night picks have been winning at a high rate too. I wouldn’t know how to pick a loser even if I wanted to.

Last week I wrote the blog but it didn’t get posted and this week time got away from me and I didn’t start writing until this morning so I’m going to be shorter of words than usual but that’s OK, you don’t come here to read you come here for winners and that’s what we’re giving you.

Colts -0.0 (-110)

Don’t know why this game is pick ’em. The Colts are decent and the Steelers are bad. They have 3 wins but they’re against the Bengals, Chargers, and Dolphins. I don’t think it’ll be a blowout or anything but the Colts are a better football and should be favored.

Redskins/Bills over 37.0 (-110)

I’ll say it up front: this is a bad pick. I don’t have any tangible reason to believe this game will go over but it’s about as low a point total as you’ll get in the NFL which is as good a reason as any to take a chance. Josh Allen has gorilla hands and a rocket arm. Dwayne Haskins is making his debut as a starter so maybe he’ll inject some life into the offense. Who knows.

Seahawks -5.0 (-105)

I’m on a time crunch and I don’t respect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers enough to even attempt to write anything about this pick. Just take it.

Packers -4.0 (-115)

The Packers are on fire. 4 game win streak. Aaron Rodgers is living up to the hype. The Chargers stink and only won last week because of the Bears massive ineptitude. Don’t overthink it.

Patriots -3.5 (EVEN)

My number one rule is to continue betting on outcomes until they stop happening. With the easiest schedule in the league, you could argue this is the Patriots first true test of the season, but they’re the Patriots so I still reasonably expect them to win any and every game that they play.


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