WCW Clip of the Day: Jeff Jarrett vs Goldberg vs Kevin Nash vs Scott Steiner from WCW Monday Nitro June 26, 2000

The Hot Sprots Take group chat loves bad WCW YouTube videos almost as much as we love above average temperature takes on sprots.

And since we are the nation’s most benevolent emerging sports media empire, we figured we would include you on the fun.

Today’s clip is a five star classic (Editor’s Note: It only gets 4.99 stars since it wasn’t in the Tokyo Dome) at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa between Jeff Jarrett, HST’s favorite wrestler of all-time Scott Steiner, Surprisingly Leftist Kevin Nash, and Saudi Arabia blood money collector Goldberg.

This match was for the WCW World Championship on Nitro and had all the elements we look for in a WCW clip.

  • Mark Madden’s commentary to let you know we are deep in the worst period of WCW, therefore making it the best era of WCW.
  • Multiple run-ins (including extra points for one of those run-ins being Mike Awesome)
  • Scott Steiner
  • World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett
  • Sad 2000 WCW crowd, including marks with a ‘Slap My Nuts’ and ‘Tig Ol Bitties’ sign.
  • The mandatory complicated finish to the match.

We hope you enjoy this June 2000 barnburner as much as we did, especially Scott Steiner’s running powerbomb on Jeff Jarrett, which was the :05 of actual good wrestling amongst this mess.


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