I can’t stop watching Spectator Drag Races at local race tracks

As one of the premier drivers in an extremely competitive NASCAR Heat 4 online league, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than watching idiots attempt to race cars.

Well, earlier this week I was given a link to a video of what was titled, Spectator Drag Races, and my jaw immediately hit the floor.

To sum up what it is, a local racetrack (usually paved) will give regular spectators in the stands the chance to race their regular car in a 1 on 1 “drag” race around the the track. Simple, just the first to cross the finish line after one lap from a stopped start wins. But the more I watched it, the more baffled and amazed I was at how entertaining these races were, and how dumb the people in them are.

For every clunker that’s out there, like some 15+ year-old standard sedan, or old beater truck, there’s some clown out there in a Corvette without a scratch on it, or some souped up truck that had to has have cost in the neighborhood of $40,000.

And because this is a race, and because we’re assuming that nearly all of these clowns have no formal race car driving or training experience, things happen. Cars wreck and hit the wall, they blow tires, they hit the giant tires that act as the infield wall. And in the span of 15 seconds go from having a perfectly fine car, to having to figure out how they’re going to pay for the repairs, or explain to their wife/boss why their car is wrecked and they can’t run to the store, or go to work for the next week or so.

Just take a look at these races from Rockford Speedway about three weeks ago:

Just insanity. Everything about it, from the terrible track announcer who seems to care more about if the car has payments left on it rather than who wins, to the drivers, and the crowd getting into it. And then there’s the drivers, who again, seem to have no idea what they’re doing, and in more than one race just wreck on purpose for a laugh. Nevermind that you’re in a standard car, with only seatbelts and a helmet to keep you safe. A wreck at 50+ MPH could potentially deadly, so why not cause one on purpose?


I’m not saying I would ever take part in this, but if I ever somehow end up at a track that offers this as an event that night, let’s just say I won’t be going to the bathroom or the beer stand.

And if you want a compilation that’s just of people wrecking their cars in these types of races, here you go:



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