#Thrill5 Week 11

What’s popping willforthrillers. We’re back for another week of exciting NFL football and we’re going to enjoy it the only way we know by: by pissing away all of our money. Last week we went 2-3 to extend the current losing streak. We’re still up 29-21 on the season but that record is trending in the wrong direction. The good news is that I love … Continue reading #Thrill5 Week 11

#Thrill5 Week 8

Welcome back boys are girls. Last week we went 3-2 again, bringing the season record to 22-13. Seriously, if you aren’t riding the #Thrill5 yet then what the hell is your problem? That’s a 62.9% winning percentage. We’re making money! This week’s board has a lot of untouchables. These are games between two bad teams/teams that are inconsistent and difficult to predict, or mismatches with … Continue reading #Thrill5 Week 8

#Thrill5 Week 7

Hi everybody we’re back for the week 7 #Thrill5 column. Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my blogging duties last week but luckily an international man of mystery stepped in to give his picks and went an admirable 3-2, bringing our season record to 19-11. This week I’m back and we’re going for all the marbles. Mortgage your house, withdraw your kids college fund, and … Continue reading #Thrill5 Week 7