Terrible NFL products for women

FOLKS,, now that Halloween is over it’s time to start think about Christmas and that of course means buying presents for people in your life. I’m here to help by offering suggestions of what NOT to buy the female NFL fan in your life. I picked women’s products because it seems like the NFL really makes some head-scratching items aimed at women. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these terrible things ladies would hate to see under the tree.

*Note: All items are Detroit Lions branded but most are available for all teams

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2 more MLIFTs bite the dust

First, a bit of housekeeping news before we get into the real reason for this post. My arena football site, http://www.aronafootball.wordpress.com was just too much to handle (AKA I couldn’t remember my user name/password) so all future arena football news I post from no on will be here on HOT SPROTS TAKES! It’ll just be under the aRONa Football tag. Anyways, on to the news!

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My Top Five HGTV Shows

It’s no secret if you know me in real life, or just follow me on twitter, that I am a huge fan of HGTV. When I have a weekday off from work, there is nothing that makes me happier than to hunker down on the couch and watch a few hours of high quality HGTV. Maybe you’re not familiar with HGTV or just getting started with their programming, so I’m here to steer you towards the best shows they have. And remember, the best reason to watch these shows is to comment out loud about how awful all these people are. Continue reading “My Top Five HGTV Shows”