Pokemon Sword/Shield is the best new SPROTS video game

Since the mid-2000’s, sports video games have largely stayed the same. The various companies in charge of our AAA sports game franchises issue an annual software release, which usually amounts to updating the rosters, making graphical and in-game engine improvements, and perhaps adds in a new mode (like the ever-popular Ultimate Team modes in Madden and FIFA) or playing feature. (Remember the visual cone of … Continue reading Pokemon Sword/Shield is the best new SPROTS video game

#Thrill5 Week 8

Welcome back boys are girls. Last week we went 3-2 again, bringing the season record to 22-13. Seriously, if you aren’t riding the #Thrill5 yet then what the hell is your problem? That’s a 62.9% winning percentage. We’re making money! This week’s board has a lot of untouchables. These are games between two bad teams/teams that are inconsistent and difficult to predict, or mismatches with … Continue reading #Thrill5 Week 8

#Thrill5 Week 7

Hi everybody we’re back for the week 7 #Thrill5 column. Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my blogging duties last week but luckily an international man of mystery stepped in to give his picks and went an admirable 3-2, bringing our season record to 19-11. This week I’m back and we’re going for all the marbles. Mortgage your house, withdraw your kids college fund, and … Continue reading #Thrill5 Week 7