HOTSPROTSTAKES 2018 MLB predictions

Opening Day means that it’s time for us to make some SURE-FIRE, NEVER-WRONG predictions about the 2018 MLB season! Do we know what we’re talking about? PROBABLY NOT! But we have a website that we paid all of $20 for, so that gives us all the authority in the world to make baseball predictions! Continue reading HOTSPROTSTAKES 2018 MLB predictions

Dinner Booth Athletics: Bark in the Park is the best thing in sports

Welcome to Dinner Booth Athletics, the fam-friendly sports alternative to the terrible and unchristian ways of Barstool Sports. Here, we talk about the good things happening in sports, like you did with your family in an actual restaurant booth long before the internet ruined family dinners and allowed everyone with internet to chime in. Continue reading Dinner Booth Athletics: Bark in the Park is the best thing in sports

The best things about Spring Training

Pitchers and catchers have begun reporting to their respective camps, which can only mean one thing: baseball is almost close to starting up again!

Pretty soon your favorite websites (like here!) and newspaper sports sections will be nothing but pictures of guys down in Florida and Arizona with every article being some variation of, “Player X is in the best shape of his life!”

But Spring Training is by far the best of the major sports preseasons, for a whole bunch of reasons.

Here are just some of the reasons why Spring Training is awesome.

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