Canadian Football 2017 Review

The controls are unresponsive, there are no gameplay modes beyond exhibition, the receivers couldn’t catch a cold in Edmonton in January, the controls are needlessly different from Madden, and there’s one damn music track that plays during every play selection screen. Continue reading Canadian Football 2017 Review

Australian, Canadian football video games coming this summer

Ever since EA Sports’ Madden franchise bought the exclusive NFL rights, and the NCAA Football series had to shut down due to legal issues, there has been a big gap in football games on modern consoles.

Third party football games used to be rampant, the NFL 2k series was a lot of fun while it lasted, NFL Blitz hasn’t been made for years after trying to play without the NFL license, and even things like Mutant League Football were there to try and spice things up.

This summer, two new football games AFL (Aussie Rules) Evolution and Canadian Football 2017 aim to fill that void in different ways.

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