Here’s a minor league indoor football rumor I desperately want to be true

One of my favorite things about minor league indoor football isn’t so much the quality of play or seeing former D1 players slum it out in those leagues, but the crazy stories that come with these leagues.

The players make very little money, leagues fold and form up every year, teams fold, move, or re-open every year, and with it comes a lot of crazy stories.

One of my favorites was a team who paid its coach one cent on his last paycheck. Another was a quarterback from San Jose State traveling to the midwest and signing with two teams, only to learn that both had folded once he got there.

Today, I have a great rumor that I really want to be true. And I stress, ***THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR***, and I have no real proof of this being true.

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National Arena League to stream games on YouTube

It’s a glorious year for fans of minor league indoor football as a second league has announced it will be broadcasting games for free on YouTube this season.

The National Arena League, a new league mainly in the east and southeast, announced Wednesday evening that they have partnered with the website to showcase almost every game in 2017, with the exception of one team.

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