Let’s Stop Pretending Little Caesars has No Credibility¬†


Bare with me here, because I can already see the pizza-elitists typing between their bites of Sicilian-style, thinned crusted $18 slice.

Little Caesars is NOT the pizza you introduce to your parents, or who you tell your friends you took home last night.

But man, sometimes you’ve gotta have that cheap rebound to appreciate the real quality pie.

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Let’s rank the national pizza chains

It’s National Pizza Day! A day so loved that we probably shouldn’t be working during it. That’s typical baby boomer behavior, have a great day like this and try to sweep it under the rug and hope we don’t notice.

Well guess what? We did. Earlier today RT Walsh ranked the best pizza toppings, so I’m here to rank the whole pie, as designed by the places you can order pizza from anytime or anywhere.

Now, before we get to the list, let’s explain how we came to this conclusion and rankings.

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