HOTSPROTSTAKE: I don’t give a shit about MLS

The fastest way to turn your mentions on Twitter into a dumpster fire is to be critical of any sort of soccer team.

I did this on Monday, criticizing the big babies known as the fans of Detroit City FC and it suddenly turned into a discussion on why Major League Soccer is bad.

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MLS to Detroit? No.

DISCLAIMER: Before I get into this, I should note I’m not an MLS basher, or hater, or whatever you think I am against MLS. I’m just a realist who sees too many reasons why Detroit shouldn’t and won’t get an MLS team.

Soccer fans around the United States woke up today to the news that Minnesota was getting an MLS team in starting in 2018. Good for them, I wish them much success and hope that the league continues to grow and flourish.

With me being from Michigan though, the first thought everyone back home had was, “WHY DOES MINNESOTA GET A TEAM WHEN DETROIT WANTS ONE SO BADLY!?”

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