Have replay reviews ruined sports?

It’s become as much a part of sports as drinking beer and the Cleveland Browns losing: You’re watching the game and all of a sudden the action stops, and you let out a groan because it’s time for a replay review of the previous play.

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MLB Umpires…Welcome to the Resistance

In these contentious times, it’s important for Americans to rally together and take a stand against the evils in this country. Lot’s of people are busy talking the talk, but not many are actually walking the walk.

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Ranking the referees in major North American sports

The officials in professional sports probably receive more criticism and scrutiny than anyone in sports outside of the players, and even that’s debatable.

Today I’m here to rank the officials in the major sports in North America, but please not that despite these criticisms I think officials do actually do a very good job. It’s not easy trying to make instant decisions during high-pressure situations being played by the world’s greatest athletes.

Without further ado, here we go.

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