Old Time Hockey announces PlayStation release date, price

A couple months back we broke the news that something called V7 Studios was making a throwback hockey game that would be available for download, and remain relatively cheap.

Well, the studio went quiet for a while and published some new updates to the teams, rosters, and overall game, because as I said at the time, it looked exactly like the movie ‘Slap Shot’ in video game form.

Well they finally announced a launch date and price…at least for people with PlayStation 4.

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The best of HOTSPROTSTAKES.com 2016

Wow folks, can you believe it, 2017 is almost here and not a minute too soon for some of you out there.

It’s been quite a year here at HOTSPROTSTAKES, moved from Montana to Texas, re-started the site up, and even paid to have it look legit by dropping the wordpress.com part from it.

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