Say hello to the National Roller Hockey League!

olks, if there’s one thing we love here at HST, it is obscure leagues seemingly popping up out of nowhere, and yesterday we were alerted to the HOTTEST news in roller hockey: That the Detroit-based National Roller Hockey League is set to hit the…concrete? Sport court? Whatever, in 2019! Continue reading Say hello to the National Roller Hockey League!

Remembering Pro Beach Hockey

There was a time where ESPN2 was home to some of the weirdest, wildest sports on TV, and not a bunch of talking heads screaming about how Tebow “just gets it.”

This was the mid- to late-90s, and rather than fill air time with talk shows, ESPN2 would air really weird sporting events that probably cost them nothing, but filled a couple of hours in the day, especially during the summer.

Today, we’re remembering Pro Beach Hockey, which might have been the strangest thing ESPN2 cooked up, right there with the Great Outdoor Games.

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